Launched in 2017, the 617Sessions is as a music program that provides complimentary studio time to local artists.
It’s mission is simple: invest in the music, the artists, and the city of Boston.

Taking the artist from studio to stage.

Getting the chance to take advantage of free studio time is something most bands wouldn’t pass up. We’re an indie band, we’re poor as hell. But there was something different about this, a community aspect to it, that I think probably made us, and all of the other bands involved, really eager to put our best foot forward, since we knew it was going to be part of something bigger than just an individual record release. 

I’m a pretty cynical guy, but watching the video of all the disparate scenes and styles of music represented in Boston brought together for one project was really heartening. It’s a reminder that, while things like the BMAs can seem like a competition, in any city’s music scene a rising tide lifts all boats. Also it’s nice when you win the competition like we did, sorry everyone else!

The best part of that was getting the chance to play at the BMAs ceremony in front of a larger crowd and on a bigger stage than most of the bands involved would have been able to otherwise. I really don’t have anything negative to say about this entire process, and for anyone who knows me that’s not something you hear every day.

– Luke O’Neil, no hope/no harm

2017 617Sessions winners no hope / no harm perform live at the House of Blues for the 2017 Boston Music Awards.