“I think that’s why I love Brandie’s music so much. I’m kinda reserved and I don't really go into my sex life. But Brandi’s music is unabashed and real about it. It’s relatable as hell.”

Oompa / WBUR

Brandie Blaze is a hip hop artist from Boston, Massachusetts. Inspired by female rappers such as Lil' Kim and Missy Elliot, Blaze's raw lyrics and dynamic stage presence allows her to compete with the boys and rep for the ladies. An activist and self proclaimed trap feminist, her hard hitting bars are how she stands up for herself and Black women everywhere. Starting as a singer as a child, Brandie transitioned to poetry and then rap as it became clear that vocal prowess wasn't her strong suit. Blaze's mission is to celebrate people that identify as women and femmes through the language of hip hop.