“Boston is currently home to an insane number of highly-talented newcomers, one of which goes by the name Marquis Filthy. Filthy has been making arguably some of the best music coming out of the state for quite some time now, and with every new release, he continues to move his creative vision forward with a thorough, addictive touch.”

Graduation Music

Marquis Filthy, a 21 year old Boston rap artist, believes in creating authentic music that preserves the culture of hip hop and propels it into a direction that influences listeners to capture their passions.
Marquis Filthy has always been surrounded by musicians and entrepreneurs, including his father, a former local rapper and his mother, a former owner of a dance company. After opting out of college, Marquis Filthy embarked on this journey to follow his passion for music, his “Plan A.”
With Filthy at the lead, Plan A consists of creative individuals who share the same vision and values.
Since releasing his debut project The Glo Up in October 2016, Marquis Filthy and Plan A went on to launch their annual summer concert, Summerslam. Filthy is currently working on a new EP to be released later this year.