“When Claire Gohst was just 17 years old, her family kicked her out of her home in Singapore for being gay. Several years later, the singer and violinist returns to her home country this July to perform at Pink Dot, a major LGBTQ event and concert held annually at Hong Lim Park.”

Victoria Wasylak / Vanyaland

Paper Citizen is a Boston-based indie rock project led by Singaporean singer-songwriter, violinist, guitarist and music producer, Claire Gohst. The music blends crisp vocals with lyrical intimacy, spacious guitars and organic rhythms.
At the age of 18, Claire left school to pursue music as a full-time career, starting out in the local live music scene around Singapore, playing the violin and singing in bars, clubs and restaurants with different rock and folk bands.
She soon after moved to Boston to pursue training in the recording arts and jazz violin. The melding of her artistic message, honed with musical influences, such as Wilco, St. Vincent and Andrew Bird, and recording technological skills resulted in the indie-rock project, Paper Citizen.
Released in 2016, the debut EP Postcards in Transit is a personal reflection that touches on the excitement, but also uncertainty that comes with new experiences, whether dealing with a relationship or moving to a new place. The singles that followed - Slow Motions and History - continue to develop a rich sound and maintain the thematic sense of tension present in the EP.