“If Johnny Cash and Amy Winehouse had a baby that punched like Johnny Rotten, this would be it.”

Andy Kaufmann, Music Connection Magazine

Catchy, yet haunting, dueling vocals by Nikki Coogan and Jeremiah Louf— atop a wall of sound generated by only one guitar is what defines the unique sound of the Boston-based duo The Devil’s Twins. The press and their underground cult following—The 2crew—describe their sound as “noir punk”.
In support of their two underground releases—2013’s “Old Fashioned Mischief” and 2015’s “Consequences”—theTwins have shared the stage with acts such as July Talk (Island Records), Barrence Whitfield & The Savages (Bloodshot Records), and legendary punk groups such as The Adicts, The Misfits and The Casualties. They’ve gained a reputation for being an extremely high energy spectacle touching on a wide range of emotions; from explosive anger tantrums—beating guitars and tambourines into the stage—to whiskey-soaked, old fashioned rock’n’roll foot stompers, all while keeping it light between songs with playful banter between the trio and the crowd.
After winning the Boston Music Award for Indie/Rock Artist of the Year 2016 and a string of single releases including “Little Sister Let It Run” and cover songs for Lana Del Rey’s “Cola” & Roger Alan Wade’s “If You gonna Be Dumb”, The Twins have announced their next release titled “AMERICAN NOIR VOL. 1” for August 2017 featuring Rock/Hip Hop crossover track “SATAN STONE” featuring the rapper/actor SLAINE.