“Alt-rock quintet Valleyheart have yielded an unparalleled sound that’s constantly carrying catchy and energetic vocal melodies without forgetting to come through with beefy guitars and pounding drums, all together laying the groundwork for intense and emotional live shows. Their 2017 debut EP Nowadays is a dynamic masterpiece; with its depressingly relatable lyrics only the surface of its beauty, it’s also about as instrumentally tight as alt-rock bands come.”


Led by singer/songwriter and guitarist Kevin Klein, Valleyheart formed in the early stages of 2016, gathering many songs Kevin had begun writing in high school and re-approaching them in a re-inventive, full-band perspective. Since then, Valleyheart has created an identity in contrasts; their sound - both smooth in the midst of its heavy deliveries and jarring in its subtle, quiet moments. Their lyricism - introspectively personal yet existentially relatable in questions of faith, doubt, and relationships. The band seamlessly threads these elements together through their nostalgic and emotive EP release “Nowadays”.
The debut EP Nowadays swiftly caught the attention of Oregon-based label Rise Records/BMI and was remixed, remastered and re-released with two new songs - Midnight and Children - in late August 2017. Valleyheart is set to release their first full-length in late 2018, and despite early and small steps, the band is expected to leave a unique and lasting footprint in their scene with their first LP release.