“I was at Boston rap blog Steady Leanin’s 2016 South By Southwest showcase, and I casually remarked to Cousin Stizz that I had heard his fellow Boston artist’s insanely addictive cut “Hennything’s Possible” a few weeks prior. Without hesitating, he rang her up. The conversation was nothing more than a bunch of shouting and laughter, but it was clear that there was already a kinship between Vintage Lee and the Boston rap community.”

Tara Mahadevan, Noisey/Vice

Vintage Lee is a 21-year old rapper and songwriter from Roxbury, MA. Vintage was exposed to many different genres at a young age, but has been rapping since she was in elementary school.
Since the fall of her 2015 release of her debut single “Right Now” Vintage has been premiered and supported by Pigeons and Planes, The Fader, Complex and other critically acclaimed music outlets.
Her high energy and charisma in her music and her performances has drawn a lot of attention to many local Bostonians as well as the rest of the world.