Recording / Studio Time
  • Studio time is paid for by Redefined.
  • Selected artists record at no cost.
  • 2020 recording dates are: July 10th through to and including July 19th.
  • Sessions begin at 10am.
  • Sessions end at 6pm.
  • Artists must own the rights to the song before recording.
Safety / Covid-19
  • The Bridge Sound & Stage are taking the following procedures to keep you safe during recording. Please read carefully.
  • Due to social distancing we are only allowing members who are physically contributing towards the record into the studio. No friends. family members, photographers/videographers etc.
Ownership / Rights / Publishing
  • Artists keep 100% of any songwriters royalties from streams/downloads.
  • Tracks will be published by Redefined’s distribution and publishing division, OnTrck Music.
  • Artists will provide OnTrck Music all relevant songwriter details so they can be registered with ASCAP.
Release / Distribution
  • All tracks recorded will be released exclusively as part of a compilation by 617Sessions / Redefined.
  • The release date will be September 2020 (exact date TBC).
  • OnTrck Music will distribute the tracks to all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc).