“CD’s passionate, compelling vocals shine bright throughout the entirety of this release, however it’s her unflawed songwriting capabilities that have kept the Graduation Music staff coming back to this track time and time again. Not a syllable is wasted on “Sacrilegious”, with every single line evoking raw emotion that truly resonates. Keep CD Rose on your radar this year, as she’s poised to have an impressive 2019.”

Shamus Hill / Graduation Music

Who is CD Rose? CD Rose is your hometown girl who is not so local anymore. Chances are you’ve been to a show alongside some of your favorite artists and were impressed by her ability to hold her own.
She is hip-hop influenced with an R&B twist, a sleek yet mysterious aesthetic and the ability to control a crowd. Recently making a name for her self, she dropped her first single “Sacrilegious” back in March of 2019.
Her range of sounds will bring you on a rollercoaster ride from your first time falling in love to the lows of a terrible Sunday morning hangover and everything in between. From the diversity of her wardrobe to the thought-provoking complexity of her lyrics, you’ll see that she’s fearless and sweet all at the same time. From festivals in LA to pop up shows in Boston, CD Rose is someone to watch out for.