"Christian Tremblay and Ryan Garvey have been making music together for years. In 2017, Tremblay met Dua Boakye at the Boston Music Awards where Boakye won Male Vocalist of the Year and his group Bad Rabbits took home the award for R&B Artist of the Year. It would be almost another year before all three would connect. “I had set up two jams on a Sunday—one with Ryan, and one with Dua—and TiDES was born when all three of us met and started creating,” says Tremblay. “Everything we jammed on felt fresh, and we were just constantly able to create new material.”

Stacy Buchanan / WGBH

TiDES started as a trio with Fredua Boakye and Christian Tremblay, and Ryan Garvey back in 2018. Christian met Fredua backstage at the 2017 BMAs through mutual friends. Throughout the summer of 2018 Fredua and Christian would have impromptu jam sessions that would lead to interesting song ideas.
Christian and Ryan Garvey were in multiple bands together over the corse of several years and Christian thought it would be a great idea to invite him to a jam session. Ryan, Christian and Dua hit it off and thus TiDES was formed.
They are currently working on a debut EP slated to be released late summer/early fall of 2019.