“Making a living as a musician is not just a dream for this kid, it’s a destination. He has his sights set on achieving his goals and won’t stop until they become a reality. As he said in a recent Facebook post about the upcoming album, “this isn’t a hobby to me. This is how I LIVE & STAY SANE so take this trip with me until the wheels fall off.”

Jack Bardsley / Boston's Big Four

SeeFour is an R&B, Hip Hop artist from Brockton Massachusetts. He is currently one of the few and youngest musical presences to be recognized from his city; as he was only 13 years old when he began pursuing music full time. He has a verasatile sound mixing his sound with Jazz , Hiphop , R&B melodic sound describing him best. Now at age 18 , he’s opened up shows for Jay Rock,Reason and Madeintyo. He’s won countless rap competitions, and he even has an album under his belt called “Mature” which is his Freshman Album. and has one collaborative Ep titled "Redline" with Joe Juliano. In his city he is infamously known as "The Prince", and has continuously lived up to the prominence of his title. With more growth and evolving on the way Seefour never fails to amaze with his versatility and maturity to music and life as well. SeeFour Yourself.