“This man plays multiple instruments and produces all his own crazy ass music and word. His ideas are so abstract, but clear and easy to understand. He’s also all about a good wrestling or Tekken reference which I’ll always appreciate.”

Michael Christmas

Born and raised in Boston, MA, Chris Rogers has been making music since his early teens, playing in garage rock bands and producing music with FL Studio. With 2013 came the moniker Haasan Barclay and a new direction, incorporating funk, hip hop, psychedelic dream pop and electronica into a uniquely cohesive sound.
With acclaimed production work with fellow artists Michael Christmas, OG Swaggerdick and Kadeem, Haasan made a name for himself in city, culminating with his first solo release "Heaven Is Your Last Dream" in 2016; a sprawling journey from airy electro-shoegaze to heavy industrial-trap. The album released to unanimous praise from various publications including Complex, Allston Pudding and AfroPunk.
Hassan's versatility is matched by his attention to detail and devotion to delivering raw, unfiltered emotion through his sounds. "I think everything I've gone through as a person reflects in what I do musically. You're hearing my feelings, my intent, and my personality in every sound you hear.