“Aaron proposed the name... I think he must have subliminally thought of it by looking at my tattoo of those Smiths lyrics during practice. Obviously he and I are huge Morrissey fans, and there can never be enough bands named after the Smiths.”

Luke O'Neil, no hope/no harm

no hope/no harm is a Boston four piece lead by Aaron Perrino of The Sheila Divine and Dear Leader, and longtime music journalist Luke O’Neil, formerly of The Good North. “I suppose it sort of sounds like the Sheila Divine meets the Good North, surprisingly!” O’Neil explained in an interview with Vanyaland. “At least on our first song ‘This Living Wage’, for sure — that same sort of melancholy grandeur.” The project began out of the duo’s shared love of emo — James F. Forbes, and Adam Hand, of The Field Effect, were brought on board after a singalong at O’Neil’s Emo Night Boston.
Traces of all permutations of that broad genre — from twinkling, prettier sad songs, to screaming post-hardcore, and tightly-wound pop-punk show up throughout their material, at turns literary-minded or arch and self-referential, but always meant to break your heart.