“Regardless of the potential perils of tempting temperatures, what's unquestionable is Sabella's songwriting skills and intimate vocal delivery, as evidenced on her second album, Forgive the Birds, a 10-song mix of affecting ballads and hook-heavy uptempo sing-alongs.”

Gary Trust / Billboard

Hayley Sabella’s songs sound like her native New England coastline, “sometimes cold and deadly, other times refreshing and full of life.” (Rolling Stone Country) An indie folk artist, Hayley mixes gripping melodies with honest, intimate lyrics to create sonic landscapes both spare and lush, all delivered with unabashed earnestness. Hayley’s distinct style has led to invitations to support legendary artists including Emmylou Harris, Ry Cooder, and Ryley Walker, to name a few.
In 2018, Hayley released her second full-length album, Forgive the Birds, which received acclaim from Billboard, Rolling Stone Country, and The Bluegrass Situation, among others. Inspired by the dramatic landscape and vast seasonal changes that surround her on Cape Cod, Forgive the Birds is a collection of songs that plays with tension and relief, exploring themes of vulnerability and strength, death and rebirth, pain and love.
Hayley’s forthcoming EP, Flew The Nest, continues this story. Where Forgive the Birds sought understanding, Flew The Nest is comfortable with uncertainty. Both sonically and thematically, it is an EP of transition. As such, it calls upon all of the nostalgia that accompanies periods of transition. “Writing Flew the Nest felt like looking through old pictures, and notes you used to pass in class, re-membering the pieces of your past, and stepping back to see how they all look together,” says Hayley Sabella of the title track. “ I could feel how I had grown, how time had molded me into something new and unfamiliar.”
Redline Roots describes Hayley’s voice as “Honeyed, but with a mild rasp”. Whether it’s dancing over her signature 1965 Gibson hollowbody electric, or the deep, dark tone of the baritone guitar often featured in Flew the Nest, its tender delivery is bound to make you feel something.
Produced and mixed by Daniel Radin of Future Teens, Flew the Nest reveals the next chapter of music from Hayley Sabella, and invites us to consider our own journeys through these songs.