“The Boston jangle pop trio manages to capture the sound of a sunny day on the EP — there is a laid-back, beach-basking slacker vibe, while cutting riffs act as a reminder that there is a real world beyond the shore... At their core, they’re really just fun.”

Olivia Gehrke / Boston Hassle

The Water Cycle is a DIY jangle pop band from Boston. The group writes songs about being nervous, having crushes, and being nervous about having crushes. Brothers Joe and Jack Kerwin first played with bassist Rob Capodilupo in 2017. Since then, the band has released two EPs and toured throughout the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, and Canada. Allston Pudding called The Water Cycle's most recent EP, The Water Cycle Falls in Love, "a fun little ode to romance with the purest of intentions," writing, "The entire album feels like a collar tug and clearing of the throat on the way to prom." The Water Cycle's stripped-down dancey pop tunes are peppered with playful lyrics that never take themselves too seriously.