“It’s not often, especially in hip-hop, when someone is able to effortlessly dominate 16 bars like a monster and seamlessly show that they are a real person, with real emotions, which are just as important to talk about as they are to acknowledge.”

Cliff Notez for Allston Pudding

REX MAC is an Asian American, Boston based hip hop musician, organizer, and journalist. Since 2012, Rex has built a discography of entirely self-produced projects. His latest album, ABLOOM, is available now. It is a dense, thoughtful ode to mental health in flux and has received recent glowing review from Boston media platforms including Verge Campus, Allston Pudding, Millennial Noise, Mmmmaven, and Boston Hassle.
Ultimately, Rex Mac is a monk - Boston's quietest renaissance man. But he's an act destined to blossom on a national front at any moment.